Monday, July 6, 2009

Software Development Cycle

Software Development Cycle is a process of developing a software through various stages.This includes 6 stages.They are Analysis,Design,Coding,Testing,Deployment,Maintenance.Analysis stage involves what are all the requirements needed for implementing the software.Here developer must satisfy the client's requirements.This stage is the initial stage for designing process.Designing the software is the main task in Software development because design stage represents the pictorial representation of software.It finalise the end product quality of a software.The third stage is coding.Here software programmer can start their programming by using specific languages.Languages such as c,c++,java,j2ee,Html,vc++,vb,and so on.The next stage is Testing phase.In this stage,developer can rectify the errors occurred during coding stage.The code is to be hand over to the client after the testing process completes.this stage is called Deployment stage.And the updations of software,error report by the client should be done in Maintenance stage.

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