Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Software Security

Security is the main issue over all kinds of software products.For maintaining the security,its piracy is very important.Its really a hottest topic in computer circles.Duplication of the software product and tracking copy of the software may cause a huge loss for the software developer.This may leads to a problem.Today,some of the companies can develop the softwares by means of application code with hacker proof modification techniques.one way to protect software is by means of obfuscation code.This code is very hard to understand.c,c++ and perl languages are the examples for obfuscation code.Shrouded code is also been used. It is very difficult to read and understand.Its not like machine code.This kind of coding is used in in-house application development.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Principles for Effective Software Design

Designing a software is a major task for the programmer.Because designing can enumerate the whole software quality.Modern software and web services can manage the customer needs.Today the worlds fastest search engine google provides number of effective softwares in a protective manner.Designing not only suggests architectural but also reveals the authentication(security).Gmail,a complete portal for mail users.It is the safest email among other emails.There are plenty of options and features available in gmail.And another feature called igoogle provides the users can download any number of widgets from stock tickers to local weather information.Not only google,Microsoft can also produces number of softwares such as excel,word,powerpoint,access and so on.These software are flexible for the customer needs.For increasing the product value of the company,they should concentrate on designing.

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How to prevent hackers through Software?

Internet is a boon for mankind.Nowadays,Internet users are increasing rapidly and also the hackers are grown.Unauthorised and unauthenticated person are known as hackers.These people can block the process and crash the system or gain access from other system.These intruders or hackers can be prevented by means of Antivirus Software,Antispyware Software and firewalls. Antivirus Software is a program which easily detects and prevents the virus,worms,etc.These are plenty of Antivirus software available in market.Some of them are Avast,Avira,Avg,kaspersky,BitDefender and so on.These antivirus softwares can enable to prevent the intruders into the system.Users can manage to update the antivirus program consecutively.Antispyware is a security program which destroys spywares,malwares,trojans,and so on.Firewall is a software program which protecs the system by means of preventing unauthorised users entering into the system.So these are the measures for preventing hackers.

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Software Development Cycle

Software Development Cycle is a process of developing a software through various stages.This includes 6 stages.They are Analysis,Design,Coding,Testing,Deployment,Maintenance.Analysis stage involves what are all the requirements needed for implementing the software.Here developer must satisfy the client's requirements.This stage is the initial stage for designing process.Designing the software is the main task in Software development because design stage represents the pictorial representation of software.It finalise the end product quality of a software.The third stage is coding.Here software programmer can start their programming by using specific languages.Languages such as c,c++,java,j2ee,Html,vc++,vb,and so on.The next stage is Testing phase.In this stage,developer can rectify the errors occurred during coding stage.The code is to be hand over to the client after the testing process completes.this stage is called Deployment stage.And the updations of software,error report by the client should be done in Maintenance stage.

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what is meant by Software?

Software is a program that runs the hardware of a computer.software is mainly loaded into RAM(Random Access memory) and then executed in CPU.Software can be divided into three main parts such as system software,Application Software,Programming software.System software mainly useful for developing Operating Systems,diagnostic tools .For performing simultaneous task,user can utilise Application software.Programming Softwares offers functional tools to write difficult programs.Tools for programming softwares include compiler,linker,interpreter.compiler is a software which translates source code completely into object code whereas interpreter is one which translates source code line by line into a object code.Application softwares are mainly useful in Database which includes office suites maintenance,updations.

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